Benefits Seniors With Life Insurance For Elderly Couples

Senior couples should plan for the future of their families with life insurance for elderly plans. A financial advisor who specializes in finances for seniors can help to assist couples find the right policy. An advisor has the experience and knows the companies with in-depth knowledge to recommend the right plan, customized to individual needs. They can still help couples to receive a good rate on life insurance for elderly packages despite health issues and age. This benefits many senior couples who have a difficult time securing life insurance, and who are concerned about the future stability of their spouse, children and grand children.

Life Insurance Age Limits have Been Extended

It the past it was not uncommon for life insurance plans to have a cut off limit after the age of 69. Recently, insurance packages can be received for couples who are up to 89 years old. It’s important to ask for advice and recommendations from a financial advisor as early as possible, as rates for life insurance still vary based on age brackets.

A financial advisor can help elderly couples find a plan that suits their financial needs. Many seniors are on a fixed or limited income, and an advisor can research and secure plans for as low as $20 a month. This provides a significant advantage to elderly couples who still want to enjoy their golden years, and provide for their families.

Explaining the Difference in Insurance Plans

Financial advisors are allies in matters of money and safeguarding assets. Many seniors will want to understand the differences between individual and creditor life insurance plans. The advisor will make sure that seniors are fully informed and satisfied with their rates and plans before committing to a policy.

Other insurance options such as last-to-die coverage, which is offered at a lower rate, will be presented to the couple to assist with estate planning. This type of policy can provide a pay out of tax free death benefits upon the passing of a spouse. Although the topic of life insurance can be a sensitive matter, a financial consultant has the compassion and experience with these important matters, to make clients feel comfortable when discussing the future after the passing of a loved one.

Do you have health issues?

In the senior years, many elderly couples have had health issues and they worry about being denied a life insurance plan. The financial consultant will be able to offer a plan, including a simplified life insurance plan, which does not have medical tests. The consultant will find the best plan where the couple can answer “no” to the most health questions possible, as the less questions asked, equals the highest premiums. A financial consultant works around the couple’s obstacles to guarantee them the policy that they need to secure their assets, and help their families survive after they pass on.